Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Good, the bad and the wonderful surprise.

I am going to start my post with my wonderful surprise.  I have won my first ever giveaway by this very talented lady  I am sooooo excited and it has not only made my day but, my whole week.  I will post photos of the items and their new home when they arrive.  I feel like a kid this evening after hearing this news and wish to send out a huge thank you.  :)

The bad part is that my youngest son is ill.  We have had trips to the doctors and on for blood tests at the hospital.  It could be glandular fever and we are waiting to hear but, like every other mum out there, I hate it when my children are feeling so poorly.  I hope you feel better soon Cody.

The good is that I have finally sorted out some wood for skirting boards.  Tonight while things were quiet, I have been measuring, cutting and staining the wood.  Tomorrow I should be able to glue them all in place.  I dont have quite enough for all the rooms but, I have at least managed to sort enough for most of my 1/12 terrace house and two floors of my 1/24 cottage.

I am looking forward to being able to post pictures tomorrow of the progress on the rooms.  I just cant believe it has taken me so long to get these sorted lol.


  1. I hope Cody is feeling better! I know it's very scary to have a child be so Ill. My oldest had strep c in the skin around his eye when he was 12- a very scary week, but kids are pretty resilient .

    Your diligence on sorting will pay off! Jennifer B.

  2. Felicidades por el regalo ganado!! Y que Cody se recupere pronto.