Sunday, 19 February 2012

All dressed up and nowhere to go...

Thats what I said to my hubby when I finished the last bit of stitching on my dolls clothes this evening (I really must think of a name for her, any suggestions?).  Of course, he knows what that means lol, I need to do a room setting for her now.

This is how she looks now and for a first attempt, I would have to say, I am pleased.  There are things I would do differently next time but, I now have a sentimental attachment to her.

I am now thinking of where I may be able to fit a room box so that I can give her a setting that will suit her.  I have so many ideas.  Although, I do really need to move on to a project that I am already working on so that I can get some on my list ticked off before starting another new one (maybe)   :)


  1. The dress is beautiful! Great work!
    I think your doll would like to be called Angelica! ;)

  2. Thank you Eliana, and I think Angelica sounds like a great name for her. :D

  3. Well done! She looks really rustic and bohemian. I think Angelica is a beautiful name for her :)

  4. Thank you Mini Minnie, and now the fun begins, thinking of an idea of a setting for her lol