Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lost Evening and Musings....

I somehow managed to lose a whole evening reading blogs.  I started by reading one of the blogs that I am following... clicked on one of their links and thought 'oooh thats a lovely blog' and promptly clicked follow.  It didnt stop there.  I continued to click links and add blogs  (see where this is going?).  Well, now I have read lots and have loads of inspiration.  However, the inspiration that I have had is more how to present things.

I have noticed that, once the items have been made (not the progress pics), the items are all displayed in the place where they are going to 'live', or at the very least on clean surfaces or similar.  Either way, they make my pictures look a little ugh in comparison.  Not that long ago it would not have bothered me but, even though I started this blog as a bit of fun, I must admit, I would now like to make things look nicer if you know what I mean? So that is one of the many things that I am going to work on this year.

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