Monday, 6 February 2012

Pet Shop

My pet shop used to be a haberdashery.  As soon as I had stocked the shelves with fabric and trimmings etc, I felt it wasnt what I was after...  Rather than just moving things around, I emptied the shelves where I hadnt glued things down and took out all signs of what it was.  Unfortunately, I didnt take any photos of what it had looked like in its previous life (I have only just started getting better at remembering pictures lol).  I love animals so, the idea of turning it into a pet shop is quite exciting for me.

There is lots to do to the outside and the inside and it is going to take a lot of thought.  I am a lot more certain on the effect I want inside than the outside but here is how it is looking so far...

At the moment the outside is looking very plain but, it does give me a blank canvas.  I am happy with the colours so, I just need to think about signage and items to decorate the outside.

The inside is looking very cluttered at the moment and most of the items upstairs will be stored safely in boxes as they are not for the shop.  I plan on buying some more shelving etc as I would like it all to match and I am definately NOT a furniture maker, try as I might, me and wood do not get on.  I am however hoping to make most of the items myself and when I am feeling braver, I may attempt making some of the animals too.  This is one of my big projects for this year.

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