Friday, 3 February 2012

Mini cakes and jam tarts

Today I managed to fit in some time to make some mini cakes and jam tarts.  I must say that, this time I am actually pleased with the results.  These will definately end up in my 1/12th terrace and not in the bin like the others.

It took a while to get a decent picture of them because, although my camera is ok with small things, my hands keep shaking....   I used champagne coloured fimo and coloured the tops of the cakes with chalk pastels then, used 'Water Effects' mixed with paint for the icing and jam.

I took the picture of them next to a 1pence to give an idea of the finished size.  I have a 1/12th empty biscuit tin that I think I am going to put some in and I will then decide how to display they rest.  I have a feeling that I could end up with quite a few of them because I found them so quick and relaxing to make.

I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be filled with finding plenty to do indoors as it is quite cold and there is a risk of snow... maybe... we will see.

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