Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Stuff and stock

I havent had much mini time today.  I sorted through some more things and found some material I had forgotten all about.

I am really excited finding this.  I have all sorts of ideas that this fabric would be perfect for; quilt, pillow, cushion, bag... the list goes on and on and is perfect for my 1/12th terrace which is being given a modern look.

I also popped out with my parents and in a charity shop found this;

There is no makers name on it but it looks pretty hanging up.  One of the hearts needs touching up in a couple of places with white paint.  I couldnt resist it when I saw it lol.

This evening I started making some stock for my pet shop shelves.  I made a few chews. rolled some clay for dog balls and made two food bowls.  I am using my dogs for inspiration at the moment, using what I have bought for them as inspiration for the stock.  Once I am happy with the items for dogs, I will move onto items for other animals.  I have a feeling just the dog items are going to take a few nights on their own so, plenty of busy make times ahead.  Luckily I have plenty of clays etc so I dont need to go on any craft shopping trips for a long while.  I will post pictures of my mini makes once I have a few more made and completed.  I also have one or two (ish) other projects on the go so, I will be making items for them too as the year goes on.

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