Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Project (another)

Today, I am finally starting on another new project.  For several months now I have several 'mass made' dolls that are waiting for dressing.  When I bought them they were all second hand and their clothes were looking worse for wear so, I took the clothes off them and they have waited patiently in a bag ready for me to make them new clothes.  Today I finally decided on clothing for the one that is looking most sorrowful.  When I first had this doll, she was wearing the remainders of a hat.  Underneath her hat there was no hair, only a ring of curls around the edge.  I have decided to make her a costume that is in the book "Sewing Dolls' Clothes; 27 projects to make in 1:12 scale" published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.  The costume is of the Fortune Teller as she has a scarf on her head so I dont need to worry about re-wigging her.

So far I have traced and cut out the pattern.  Tomorrow I am hoping to get the material cut out and make a start on the sewing and fitting.  I have decided on the materials and colours that I am going to use and am really looking forward to getting on with it in the morning (minimal housework only by the looks of it tomorrow lol).  I will post progress pictures as I go along.

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